HD Eye’s is a new entertainment review website looking to join the other 100 billion or so clogging up the internet with barely literate ramblings.

A crack team has been assembled of nerds, social rejects, and opinionated fools. Hours upon hours of our precious and fleeting existence will be dedicated to bringing you thoughts on whatever has been keeping us away from the rest of society.

Spittle will fly in rage. Pulses will be sent into frenzies with childlike excitement. Court orders will be issued for slanderous abuse.

Unlike the professionals we have full, rich and varied lives to lead, and can’t be expected to watch every film that comes out or play every game. Occasionally the HD TV has to be allowed to cool down. And some times we just want to sit around in our underpants eating cold baked beans from a tin.

So don’t expect every new release to appear. Instead we will be looking at the most interesting releases and forgotten classics. From cultural watermarks to embarrassing failures. Artistic masterpieces of cinema right through to films starring Tom Cruise.

It will be a right treat.

We can only hope that you join us…



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