Game Review: FIFA Euro 2012

It seems that barely a month can go by these days without EA committing another outlandish feat of corporate greed. This month FIFA Euro 2012 was released for £15.99, a shocking price considering that it only exists as a download which cant even be played if you do not already own the original FIFA 12.

Is it fair to review a game that I haven’t even played? Probably not, so to make up for that I will not give a rating. Consider this more a warning than a Review.

But  then anyone who has played FIFA 12 has played Euro 2012, which is nothing more than an expansion – and the word expansion is being highly generous here. What we have is a rather sloppily put together DLC package full of gaps and stripped down game modes which are already present in the original. So no new gameplay, no graphical polish, and no AI tweaking.

To be fair there are some new stadiums, so if you really do want to play in the authentic Polish and Ukrainian arena’s then realistically this is probably going to be the only chance you get. Polish and Ukrainian’s will no doubt be thrilled to see the homes of their local clubs rendered in beautiful HD graphics. For the rest of us it simply means looking at the same green pitch from a slightly different camera angle.

Most disgraceful of all is the omission of the qualifying rounds which in the last world cup game made up the vast bulk of the content. Without it an international tournament is only several games long, meaning you could lift the cup within an hour. Including the qualifying would of course have required the programming team to create a few more team lists, find out who played for Algeria, and colour in some new kits. Poor them.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, half of the teams present don’t even have the correct licensing, instead having the ridiculous made up names found in the much less resourced Pro Evo. Apparently EA, the poor sods, didn’t have enough money to pay for the licensing, which I think we can all appreciate.

For authenticity’s sake it is completely impossible to win a penalty shoot out with England.

The only thing really on offer is the new Expedition mode, a rather daft sounding competition which allows you to play the bastard offspring of football and Risk. Expedition is essentially a spin on the FIFA Street World Tour mode which allowed you take your team of no hopers to cities around Europe, defeat them, and rob one of their players. Like the crappy Ultimate Team mode this will probably only appeal to a small number of football fans looking for a fun alternative to the lengthy and relatively dull management of the full career mode which is only available in the full game.

Should the excitement of the real life tournament get too much then do yourself a favour; load up FIFA 12, maybe create a couple of custom teams if you really must have Slovenia included, set up your own tournament and save yourself the 15 quid.



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