Most Wanted Games of 2013

10 Most Anticipated Games of 2013

As the ice age starts to thaw out and our fellow Neanderthals emerge from hibernation, dodging meteors and desperate for something to use their arthritic, pad shaped meat hooks on. While most critics lament and what could become of the next generation ‘multi-media console’ its time we collectively beat the ground with our fists and demand some entertainment in the coming months of partial sunshine and Horse Murders. Bring on the games!!!

10. Grid 2 

racenet_607312551Why we’re excited: A long time in coming, Grid 2 finally sees the sequel to this nerve shredding, realistic damage taking, ultra ‘rewindy’ niece racing game from Codemasters. Real world tracks are now included such as Abu Dhabi, Paris and numerous USA locations. Tries to fuse the realm of simulation and arcade playability along with cataclysmic crashes which can be rectified with limited optional rewinds – something which makes Grid stand out from the cockpit.

Release date: May 2013

Excite-o-meter: Fuel induced anticipation that even Lance Armstrong can’t match in both speed and dirty rotten lies.

9. Metro: Last Light 

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Why were excited: With games such as Silent Hill disappearing down a dirty drain, and the name being dragged through the mud with god-awful film conversions, console based, knuckle biting horror games are in terribly short stock. Most recent horror outings have come via indie PC terrors such as Slender Man. With the original Metro surfing on a safe average wave, 4A Games look to blow the underground Dmitry Glukhovsky inspired survival horror wide open. We’re desperate for something to have us changing our kecks on the fly. Please let it be you Metro!

Release date: QTR 1, 2013.

Excite-o-meter: Gushing at the thought of being more terrified than tgetting the 17:32 Yellow line to Huntington.

8. Star Trek 


Why we’re excited: Usually used as a shameless marketing tool to promote an upcoming movie, this Star Trek instalment looks to bridge the gap between these two modern conceptions. With what has been depressingly titled a ‘bro-op’ this action based title will let you play as either Kirk or Spock in a game akin to Unchartered. All the film based characters have added depth with official face recognition and voice acting.

Release date: May 2013

Excite-o-meter: lets hope the development matches the anticipation so this game can live long and prosper…no?

7. The Last of Us 


Why we’re excited: Zombie chewing post-apocalyptic grunge punchers are plentiful to a ridiculous extent these days, so how on earth can they be distinguished one from another? Enter The Last of Us. All previews show a fantastic richness and depth of dialogue between the two main characters, all acted out as the action unfolds. You play Joel, one of the two main protagonists, who has to look after the younger Ellie. The game offers a fresh physic engines by way of “dynamic stealth” and an AI system entitled “balance of power”. This helps to make every meeting with the infected a unique one.

Release date: June 2013

Excite-o-meter: A sure fire transcendent post-apocalyptic nightmare induced unique concept based in very un-unique surroundings, roughly translated as “Brrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnsssssss!!!!”

6. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 


Why we’re excited: The original Metal Gear still remains my favourite and most important game to date. We are well aware of the modern day conceptions of Metal Gear with its spiralling cut-scenes to an arrogant degree, but what about overhauling the entire mechanics? Rising: Revengeance harness a Bayonetta-style action packed system, with the new ability of slow motion multi-angle slice and dice mayhem. A game which almost fell into the abyss, Revengeance was eventually revived by Platinum Games. A playable demo is available on the XBL Marketplace.

Release date: 22nd February 2013

Excite-o-meter: Try and pick a hole in a sentence that contains ‘Katana wielding Cyborg Ninja”. 

5. Tomb Raider 


Why we’re excited: many of the video previews from Lara Croft perspective shows that this series has had a mighty facelift. The insistence our saucy protagonist to go through the mill in this 2013 reincarnation removes her from the previous explorative ledge shuffler. This device is used to show Lara as a young girl, being battered by the elements which turn her into the heroine of today. Sounds like a potential gem from Square Enix.

Release date: 5th March 2013

Excite-o-Meter: From womb to tomb with a couple of booms.

4. Gears of War: Judgement 


Why we’re excited: Regardless of any down right hideous story or dialogue that epic seems to churn out of a blender, there is no shirking the chainsaw-bayonet level off joy and addiction to emerge quicker than flurry of dripping locusts from the Gears games. This prequel centres on Baird and Cole before emergence day.  Although how fresh this fourth instalment will be will depend on the frightening playable multiplayer, you can forget about any cohesive plot right now please.

Release date: QTR 1 2013

Excite-o-meter: Wavering until hard evidence emerges, but still placed high due to anticipation of a new publisher putting their irons in the fire now ‘Cliffy B’ is off to pastures new. Maybe now the story may harness some cohes…….shut up.

3. Bioshock Infinite 


Why we’re excited: The original Bioshock had me foaming at the mouth with the combination of narrative direction, stunning visuals and wonderful sandbox violence interactions. Infinite has taken to Utopia to the skies with the third instalment, combing real world elements as you play an ex-Pinkerton agent Booker Dewitt who is ordered to the floating balloon powered city Columbia to find Elizabeth, a woman imprisoned in the air for twelve years. The game still relies on the balance of psycho-kinetic powers, weaponry and the elements. Although previous instalments have never had the privilege of using railways between buildings to which Booker can travel via a hook. This has the wiff of game of the year if all the promises from Ken Levine come to fruition, especially with the length of time spent in production.

Release date: March 2013

Excite-o-Meter: Safe in the knowledge we never need play as a Big Daddy again is the real winner. This genuinely could be exceptional.

2. Destiny 


Why we’re excited: Following the galaxy trembling announcement on Sunday 17th of March which I’m sure you were all privy to… would be wrong of me to discount Bungie’s new project Destiny as a contender for ‘game of the universe’ title. Rightfully leaving the Halo franchise at a designated end, Bungie began work on what will be their new baby for potentially the next ten years, alongside Activision. The first instalment will be one of the last on this generation of consoles, yet all we have to go on at the moment is a collection of concept art and the description of a first-person shooter, open world, action RPG. With a release date looking likely to be the end of the year, keep glued to the web for the first signs of actual gameplay, until then, let the wild and untenable suggestions and pointless discussions commense!

Release date: QTR 4 2013

Excite-o-Meter: Nothing breeds excitement more than the vast chasm of the unknowing. What doesn’t give you the fear will leave you searching for hard dru…..enlightenment.

1. Grand Theft Auto V 


Why we’re excited: Really? I mean seriously? Other than having to contemplate what excuse your going to give your family, friends and partner in the next sixth months as to why nobody will see you for a year, what else have you really got to do except for embarrass yourself in front of none-gamers by how overcome with joy you are that you don’t ever need to see the outside world again? This game will be life changing to the point that you wont have one anymore, anything you ever need to do in the real world will be replicated here to the point that reality will blur with GTA V and you’ll end up coming round in your car after drug fuelled car rampage with an Uzi and Fox news will make you their scapegoat for eternity. You’re the reason video games kill people, and my god you’ll love every second of it. Oh yeah the game, well it’s pretty much as above, it has been confirmed that the game is bigger than GTA IV, San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption combined. Need we say anything else?

Release date: September 17th 2013

Excite-o-Meter: To the point where every man/woman will sever ties with every person who made him who he/she is today. The meaning of life is not 42, its V.



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