Upcoming Q4 Games

Upcoming Autumn and Winter Games


Now that our surprising summer dissipates over the horizon and we are greeted with the wholesome grey backdrop we have come to know and love, what delights within the video game world are going to starve us of sleep and friends during the coming months? Here is a terribly well thought out and defined list in reverse order:

10. Need For Speed: Rivals

After a confused, turgid last outing with The Run, the team will be keen to get back to the success of Most Wanted. Funnily enough this is essentially a sequel to this title featuring some of the key elements from the cop vs. racer game. The game will have the similar list of upgradeable gadgets; roadblocks, EMPs and shockwaves. The setup will be in the open world of Redview County.

Prediction: No split-screen/local multiplayer, but a massive improvement from last year.

9. WWE 2K14

After the bankruptcy of THQ, this little gem was floating around and plucked out of obscurity by the presentation masters 2k sports. Two weeks ago 2k announced some of the changes they will be bringing with the likes of a new navigation system, attack button changes, improved reversal system, ‘catapult finishers’, new OMG moments and improved nearfalls. Considering the last outing only needed tweaking and with the limited time available to turn around the game, I would be more interested in their first outing on next-gen when the team have had to time to put their love and attention into it.

Prediction: Chris Benoit will not be involved.

8. NBA 2K14

Arguably the best American sports game on any console (next to Big Game Hunter of course). Those hoops have never looked so dam real. The biggest face in the industry lends his face and musical taste to this latest instalment, good old Lebron James, who is apparently pretty darn nifty at netball. Again the staggering 2k presentation will be on show, fusing the real life game time with virtual hoop dreams to a masterful crescendo of wonderment and sneakers.

Prediction: White men can jump adequate heights with the correct training.

7. South Park: The Stick of Truth

Yet another THQ product which should have been out a long time ago, now picked up and published by Ubisoft. This RPG is the first game the bring South Park as an open world roamer. Rest assured this will be as distasteful as putting your worst enemies parents into a blender and force feeding them back to him via the medium of chilli-con-carnie.

Prediction: “Oh my god. Jay Leno’s chin killed Kenny.”

6. Battlefield 4

The E3 gameplay demo showed some incredible building destruction. Whole tower block coming down like bowling pins. Then a guy drew a face with arms on the building and that changed everything. A little more thought on the single player campaign would see this game shatter COD in little pieces.

Prediction: This video will give me more nightmares than war itself.

5. FIFA 14

The main disappointment here for xbox360 fans is that the next gen versions of the EA sports franchise games are going to get an updated engine, mild disappointment I’m sure. But thankfully there seems to be some much needed career mode updates the usual tweaking, but can it really stand out or will this just prove to be an expensive update of kits, teams and want-away egotistical egos?

Prediction: New feature to include boiling Wayne Rooney in a vat of acid underneath the Sir Alex Ferguson statue at Old Trafford.

4. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

The fourth instalment is again divided into two present and historical halves, the events of each influencing the other. There may not be the need for an Animus in this series as Desmond’s ancestral memories is deep rooted and loaded onto ‘the cloud’ now linking him with Caribbean Assassin; Edward Kenway. The game will feature detailed representations of the three main cities; Havana, Kingston, and Nassau. As some of the trailers have shown, there will also be plenty to explore under the sea.

Prediction: If there are any references to Captain Jack or Johnny Depp I’ll eat the disc whole.

3. Batman

While Rocksteady studios concentrate on a next gen conception of the batman series, they have passed the beautiful bat chalice onto Montreal based Warner brothers for this origin bat tale. The fighting and detective mechanics will stay the same, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. There will now be fast travel points via the batwing and an interesting multiplayer mode entitled 3 vs. 3 vs. 2.

Prediction: A genuine contender for game of the year if Warner bring their a-game to the GTA party. That and Batman is the only real comic book hero, let’s be honest.

2. Watchdogs

This game was by far the most jaw-dropping and intriguing digital espionage game of E3, although to be honest it was probably by right the only digital espionage game of E3. Anywho, this is the first game to use hacking into networks as a framework for an action packed game. One of the most anticipated elements will be how it introduces the online multiplayer modes. This could be a game changer and will thankfully be available on old and new generation consoles. A must-buy for 2013.

Prediction: The birth of the open world action-adventure digital information warfare stealth video game. And breathe.

1. GTA V

Why buy several games when one could suffice? Want to play tennis, golf, hunting, cycling and maybe base jumping? Yep, that’s right; they are all here in the most enormous open world game that encompasses the old GTA San Andreas, Liberty City (GTA IV) and Red Dead Redemption. Vast, almost sickening size, thankfully you can hot-jump between three main protagonists to survey what can only be described as life ending. Probably best you use the rest of your holidays for September then.

Prediction: Why say it myself when one of the guys you’re going to spending a large part of your time with could say it for me:

“Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather. Or the… Ah, I don’t know, that thing. That magic. You see it in the movies. I wanted to retire. From what I was doing, you know? From that, that… line of work. Be a good guy for once, a family man. So, I bought a big house. Came here, put my feet up, and thought I’d be a dad like all the other dads. My kids, would be like the kids on TV, we play ball and sit in the sun… But well, you know how it is.”

Who needs a next Generation Console this year when we have so much to look forwarded to? There’s life in the old dog yet. Hello autumn.



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