Hype – GTA Online


If the single player mode wasn’t enough to sap you of any friends you may have left, you’ll probably find them here, in GTA V online.

The mode will feature the Max Payne 3 crew system. The stats accumulated in both games will combine; also if you have set up a crew in Max Payne, this should be carried over. This mode will feature another storyline, set aside from single player which can be completed with or without your Crew. There will also be brand new co-op modes including bank heists, small robberies and the chance to have a hub style property to meet up before collectively throwing yourselves off cliffs on dirt bikes with parachutes, or whatever. One frighteningly new addition is the map editor mode, allowing players to create their own races and so on, but worry not; all created content can be uploaded and played by other people. A little like trails you will be able to source the best rated creations and store them all for yourself.

Goodbye cruel world…



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